Between 1943 and 1945, nearly 800.000 Italian nationals were deported in Germany. 50.000 of them never returned. This is the story of one of those survivors: Nildo Menin, my grandfather.



My life in captivity

"So, everything I did during the day is written down here. The bombing. What I had to eat. How many people died, the time and place of the bombings”.

Nildo Menin

the diary

During his two years of imprisonment, Nildo never stopped writing his diary.

He carried it everywhere and was very protective of it. The other prisoners used to call him “the boy with the book under his arm”. In those pages, Nildo wrote down his daily life as an Internee, his everyday struggle to survive, and the bizarre alternative society that existed inside the camp. He noted everything, what he bought and what he managed to sell, every single bombing, every time he happened to find an extra piece of bread.

It’s a touching story, almost surreal at times. It is the story of a young man reacting to the horrors of war and prison, never losing touch with his humanity.

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