Between 1943 and 1945, nearly 800.000 Italian nationals were deported in Germany. 50.000 of them never returned. This is the story of one of those survivors: Nildo Menin, my grandfather.



nildo menin

"We have to start all over again.
Treat each other differently.
Tell the truth and
don't make up stories."

Nildo Menin

“I just have to tell them about my life in the days of land reclamation. I told them: alright, I’ll tell you everything. Just the story of our reclamation, of my days imprisoned and when I was on duty in Rome. And I told them…Yes, to my grandson.”

"I was a boy too,
a long time ago."

Nildo Menin

"[…] That's why when I hear people talk about those days, I always say: - That's because you did not live it but I did! - There is no point in reading what they have written because people write a lot of nonsense."


italian military internees